EVS Series Controllers

Modular Ceiling Inlet

A next generation concept in controlling air speed and direction.

Consistent performance from 0 to 100% opening position creating better mixing of incoming fresh air with warm air at the ceiling.

The Modular Ceiling Inlet Features Include:
  • Constructed of 100% polyethylene for long lasting durability. Can easily be washed down with high pressure without the risk of damage
  • Double wall thickness with a 1" air space offers maximum insulation value. Eliminates condensation during cold weather
  • Allow better control and precision of openings compared to continuous baffle boards during cold weather
  • Prevents drafts. During cold weather, air is directed upwards efficiently warming the fresh air before it reaches animals.
  • During hot weather air can be directed downward, uniformly distributing fresh air to the animals for optimal comfort and cooling.
  • Easy to install
    • Inlet does not protrude into the attic so it can be installed over a rafter if necessary
    • No compromise on inlet locations
    • Unique insulation stop connection to the inlet for fast and secure installation
  • Option to hang a 3/4" nylon pulley in the eye bolt to prevent any premature wear of the nylon cord that supports the lid.
  • Exclusive 4-1/2" deep inlet body keeps the winching hardware out of the airstream eliminating the common problem of icing during cold weather.
  • Keeps the airstream away from water lines, electrical conduits, etc.
Literature   800-1500 CFM Modular Ceiling Inlet.pdf