EVS Series Controllers

High Volume Fiberglass Fans


Available in 36", 48", and 54" diameter.

HV Fiberglass Fan Features Include:

  • Aerodynamic design:
    • Smooth interior finish of housing reduces resistance
    • The hood outlet diameter is greater than the fan propeller diameter allowing for unrestricted airflow through the hood
  • Fiberglass housings offer consistent airflow year round. Plastic housings lose their shape during hot weather reducing air flow at a time when maximum airflow is needed.
  • 3/16" housing wall thickness ensures rigidity and durability
  • Lifetime warranty on fiberglass housing
  • Slant wall housing design drains any moisture or condensation to the outside of the buidling, preventing the freezing of the blades
  • Exit safety grills are baked enamel for corrosion resistance
  • All hardware is stainless steel for long lasting performance
  • Propellers are available in galvanized and stainless steel
  • Optional "Quiet" six-blade propellers are available for the 48" fan
  • High quality greaseable pillow block bearings
  • Automatic belt tensioner ensures correct belt tension at all times
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